node-red-contrib-enocean 0.0.3

Node-Red nodes for node-enocean library

npm install node-red-contrib-enocean

These nodes are based on the node-enocean-library: node-enocean

To install:

Install node-red.

Install this package with "npm install node-red-contrib-enocean --save" in ~./node-red or via the Palette Manager in node-red.

If everything was successfull you should see new nodes in the input and output category in node-red after a restart.

For descriptions what each node does you can check the info tab of every node.

Node-red Flows

Visit example subfolder

Node Info

Version: 0.0.3
Updated 10 months, 2 weeks ago


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  • enocean-config-node
  • enocean-listener
  • enocean-switch
  • enocean-dimmer


  • enocean
  • node-red
  • telegram
  • eep
  • iot
  • home automation
  • internet of things


  • holgerwill
  • nabbl