node-red-contrib-eddystone 0.0.3

Creating Eddystone beacons with Node RED.

npm install node-red-contrib-eddystone


Create an Eddystone Beacon using Node-RED. Eddystone-URL beacons can be used with the Physical Web. Add this node to your Node-RED environment for easy prototyping for the Physical Web.


First install Node RED, if not done yet, and add node-red-contrib-eddystone:

npm install node-red -g
npm install node-red-contrib-eddystone -g


node-red-contrib-eddystone is based on the awesome node-eddystone-beacon. However, node-eddystone-beacon has the same prerequesits you might want to check. For instance, you might need to run Node-RED with root permissions for accessing the Bluetooth interface depending on your setup.

We recommend to use a Raspberry Pi with a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible USB dongle.


This flow allows to control a Eddystone URL beacon for setting the URL, starting and stopping broadcasting, setting temperature, and setting power. All parameters can be set by sending messages to the EddystoneURL node.


The official Android App for The Physical Web might me a nice addition for testing and playing around:

screen01 screen02

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