node-red-contrib-ecm1240 1.0.3

A node that receives input from a TCP node that is receiving data from a serial2Wifi communication being sent by a Brultech ECM1240 Energy Monitor.

npm install node-red-contrib-ecm1240

This node is developed to handle output from a spcecific Energy Monitoring Device (Brultech ECM1240).

The ECM1240 is expected to be connected to a serial2Wifi card that then acts as a Station Point/Access Point that makes available to the local network the output string of the ECM1240. Node-Red is expected to receive this data through a TCP node. The output of this TCP node is expected to be the input to this node (ecm1240). The output of this node can go to anything that can parse the JSON string.

string | buffer


msg.payload - stream of buffer
coming from a TCP node connected to the output of the Brultech EXM1240.
       <span class="property-type">string | buffer</span>


 <ol class="node-ports">
     <li>Standard output
         <dl class="message-properties">
             <dt>payload <span class="property-type">string</span></dt>
             <dd>the standard output of the command.</dd>
     <li>Standard error
         <dl class="message-properties">
             <dt>payload <span class="property-type">string</span></dt>
             <dd>the standard error of the command.</dd>


msg.payload</code> is used as the payload of the published message.
If it contains an Object it will be converted to a JSON string before being sent.
If it contains a binary Buffer the message will be published as-is.
The topic used can be configured in the node or, if left blank, can be set
by `msg.topic`.
Likewise the QoS and retain values can be configured in the node or, if left
blank, set by `msg.qos` and `msg.retain` respectively.


Company that makes the ECM1240:

  • GitHub - the nodes github repository

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