node-red-contrib-docloud-api 0.0.5

node-red-contrib-docloud-api =====================

npm install node-red-contrib-docloud-api

Node-RED nodes to integrate optimization service into your application.


To run this you need a subscription on IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud. For details see IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud.

IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud

IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud or DOcloud for short is a service that lets you solve CPLEX and OPL problems on the Cloud. You can access the interactive service called DropSolve or you can use the API to integrate the service into your application. This module provides a wrapper over the REST API.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install.

    npm install node-red-contrib-docloud-api


Access IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud service.

docloud config

You can find your base URL and API key from Developer -> Get your API Key & base URL link

  • url property: the base URL
  • key property: your API Key,

'docloud default config' node

You can define a configuaration for each docloud node. If you don't specify a special configuartion for your docloud node, the default one will be used, which is defined in the 'docloud default config' node.

'docloud' node

You can do 3 operations:

  • execute
  • create
  • submit

Check info panel in Node-RED admin console for detailed documents

This nodes emits following events:


You can use 'docloud event' node to catch them.

'docloud job' node

You can do following operations:

  • list jobs
  • delete jobs
  • get job
  • delete job
  • abort job
  • get job execution status
  • upload attachment
  • download attachment
  • get log items
  • download log

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  • docloud execute
  • docloud job
  • docloud event in
  • docloud default config
  • docloud config


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