node-red-contrib-discovery-insert 0.1.7

A node for inserting documents into the watson discovery service.

npm install node-red-contrib-discovery-insert

This is a set of nodes for working with the IBM Watson Discovery service. IBM Watson™ Discovery makes it possible to rapidly build cognitive, cloud-based exploration applications that unlock actionable insights hidden in unstructured data — including your own proprietary data, as well as public and third-party data.

This package offers two nodes

Insert - For publishing documents to watson discovery. Update - For updaging documents already in the service

The nodes both contain quing systems, and will auto retry if discovery responds with a 429 ( busy ). In the node you can define that maxiumum number of items to queue up, and how long in milliseconds to wait between retrys.

Example Useage

Insert JSON data, via a function node connected to insert node:

msg.datatype = "JSON"
msg.payload = {
              sampledata:"some data goes here"
return msg;

Update Binary file (e.g pdf/word) , via a function node connected to an update node:

msg.datatype = "BIN"
msg.payload = {
              content = msg.payload.content //This should be a Buffer from an fs.readFileSync(),
              fileName = "updated_doc_v2.pdf"
msg.document_id = "6022b729-f180-4772-88a7-f73333594ead"

return msg;

Setting the Collection or Eniviroment ID dynamicly:

msg.datatype = "JSON"
msg.payload = {
              sampledata:"some data goes here"
msg.environment_id = "env_id";
msg.collection_id = "collection_id"
return msg;

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