node-red-contrib-discord-advanced 3.1.1

Recieve, send (to channel or private), edit and delete Discord (embed) messages in Node-RED.

npm install node-red-contrib-discord-advanced

Node-red nodes that allow you to interact with Discord, via Discord.js.

Currently the following actions are supported:

  • Receive messages from any Discord servers your BOT is in.
  • Send messages in a specific channel.
  • Send private messages to users.
  • Send and edit embed messages.
  • Add attachments to messages.
  • Edit messages in a channel.
  • Delete messages in a channel.
  • Listen for reactions on a message.
  • Get permissions of a specific user.
  • Allow full control over the BOT by access to the DiscordJS client.

This repository builds on node-red-contrib-discord by Joris vd Donk . The main intention is to add more features and keep the repository updated.

Installation and documentation

The Wiki is still being written when it comes to documentation but you can find a guide on how to install and setup the nodes here.


node-red-contrib-discord-advanced gives you access to four nodes:

  • discordMessage is a node with no inputs and one output allowing you to receive notifications of incoming messages.
  • discordMessageManager allows (embed) messages to be sent to either channels or privatly to user. It also allows for editing and deleting of (embed) messages.
  • discordReactionManager that allows you to listen to reactions on a message.
  • discordPermissions allows you to check the permissions of a specifc user. This is useful when you get the user from another source than the discordMessage node.
  • discordClient is an advanced deprecated node with one input and one output allowing you to inject a references to a Discord.js Client into a message. This node can cause node-red to crash if you use it improperly, so take caution. Messages containing a Discord.js Client reference can not be forked (e.g. sent to two nodes), so you'll have to manually remove the reference to the Client via a function node using delete msg.discord.


See for more info, including information regarding breaking changes per version.

Support, issues and feature requests

For support in setting up and feature requests you can contact me on this discord. Issues can also be reported there but prefferably via GitHub.

Discord.js client sharing

All nodes share Discord.js clients based on the discord-token that they were configured with. That means that, when you add many discordMessage nodes configured with the exact same token, only a single connection with Discord will be made.

Node Info

Version: 3.1.1
Updated 3 weeks, 1 day ago
License: MIT
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  • discord-token
  • discordMessage
  • discordMessageManager
  • discordPermissions
  • discordReactionManager
  • discordClient


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