node-red-contrib-deconz 1.1.14

deCONZ connectivity nodes for node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-deconz

Node-Red Nodes for deCONZ connectivity.

Available nodes are:

  • deconz-in: A node to subscribe to deCONZ devices
  • deconz-get: get state of device or group
  • deconz-out: send data to device or group
  • deconz-battery: get battery status of device
  • deconz-event: get all deconz events

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Watch YouTube video


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Node Info

Version: 1.1.14
Updated 3 weeks, 1 day ago
License: GPL-3.0
Rating: 5.0 19


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335 in the last week
1307 in the last month


  • deconz-input
  • deconz-get
  • deconz-output
  • deconz-event
  • deconz-battery
  • deconz-server


  • deconz
  • drezden
  • conbee
  • node-red