node-red-contrib-deconz 1.3.3

deCONZ connectivity nodes for node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-deconz

Hi, I'm Dennis the Community Manager of deCONZ. I've tried to invite Andrey over but he mentioned that he stopped development. I've asked him to transfer the repository so we can advance on it later. @Zehir wil probably take over development sometime soon! Please bear with us.

I'd like to thank @Andreypopov for his contributions!


Node-Red Nodes for deCONZ connectivity.

Available nodes are:

  • deconz-in: A node to subscribe to deCONZ devices
  • deconz-get: get state of device or group
  • deconz-out: send data to device or group
  • deconz-battery: get battery status of device
  • deconz-event: get all deconz events

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Node Info

Version: 1.3.3
Updated 3 months, 1 week ago
License: GPL-3.0
Rating: 5.0 24


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  • deconz-input
  • deconz-get
  • deconz-output
  • deconz-event
  • deconz-battery
  • deconz-server


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