node-red-contrib-datacake 0.1.4

Datacake nodes for Node-RED

npm install node-red-contrib-datacake

Datacake is a low-code IoT platform focussed on solving real use-cases with little effort. This repository contains Node-RED nodes that allow the subscription and publishing of device measurements. They are also used in Cake Red, our hosted & managed Node-RED offering.


Install Node-RED globally:

npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

Start Node-RED so that it creates the ~/.node-red directory:


Build the nodes for the first time:

yarn run watch

Install the nodes:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install <location of datacake-nodes>

Start Node-RED server:

yarn run watch

Changes in .ts files are hot-reloaded while changes on .html files need a restart of the server.


This project uses Typescript types and code from

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