node-red-contrib-color-convert 0.0.8

Node-RED node to convert between Color representations (e.g. RGB to HSV)

npm install node-red-contrib-color-convert


Install via the pallet manager or by running the following in the Node-RED user directory (usually ~/.node-red):

npm install node-red-contrib-color-convert


This node converts between different color representations, it can convert between the following systems.

  • RGB - Red, Green, Blue
  • HSL - Hue, Saturation, Level
  • HSV - Hue, Saturation, Value (brightnes)
  • CSS - CSS color names
  • HEX - A Hex RGB string #ff00ff


For the first 3 input modes the node will attempt to determine the input format of msg.payload from the 3 following:

  • a 3 segment array with values between 0-255 for RGB.
  • a 3 segment array for HSL and HSV with Hue is between 0-360 and Saturation, Level, values 0-100.
  • a object with keys red,green,blue with values between 0-255.
  • a object with keys hue,saturation,lightness or value,brightness with values between 0-360 for hue and 0-100 for the others.

For the CSS or HEX input mode the msg.payload should be a string containing the name of a CSS color.

For HSV and HSL inputs the "Scale Sat/Bri/Val" check box will convert values from 0-1 to 0-100


Output type can be configured to be either a 3 element array, an object or a string. The 3 element array will contian the aproprate values in the same order as expected. Objects will have matching keys and the string will be the values from the array joined with a comma.

If the CSS or HEX output mode is selected then the output type will be forced to be a string.

Node Info

Version: 0.0.8
Updated 2 years ago
License: Apache-2.0
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