node-red-contrib-cloudantplus-selector 0.1.4

A Node-RED node to access Cloudant and couchdb databases, supports views, query and bulk operations.

npm install node-red-contrib-cloudantplus-selector

A pair of Node-RED nodes to work with documents in a Cloudant database that is integrated with IBM Cloud.


Ideally, install from the package manager inside Node-RED.

Alternatively, install from npm

npm install node-red-contrib-cloudantplus-selector


Allows basic access to a Cloudant database to insert, update, delete and search for documents. Also bulk operation is supported.

To insert a new document into the database you have the option to store the entire msg object or just the msg.payload. If the input value is not in JSON format, it will be transformed before being stored. If msg is an array, all elements will be processed by bulk opertaion.

For update and delete, you must pass the _id and the _revas part of the input msg object. bulk opertaion is also supported when putting documents as an array in the input msg object.

To search for a document you have three options:

  • get a document directly by its _id
  • use query
  • use an existing search index from the database
  • use an existing view

When getting documents by id, the payload will be the desired _id value.

For query, the payload will be the set to an object with a declarative JSON query syntax.

For search indexes, the query should follow the format indexName:value.

For views, payload should be set be set to an object containing key/value pairs as defined in the Query string section in the Cloudant documentation


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