node-red-contrib-buspro 1.3.0

Node-Red implementation of HDL BusPro (SmartBus) protocol

npm install node-red-contrib-buspro

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Node-Red implementation of HDL BusPro (SmartBus) protocol

Based on


node that holds connection to IP Gateway of BusPro (Smart-Bus) network


defaults: {
            host: {value:"",required:true},   // HDL BusPro  IP gateway 
            port: {value:6000, required:true, validate:RED.validators.number()},    // and port, default: 6000 
            subnetid: {value: 1, required: true, validate: RED.validators.number()}, // Connector address in HDL network (Subnet ID)
            deviceid: {value: 99, required: true, validate: RED.validators.number()} // Connector address in HDL network (Device ID)


Receive commands from BusPro (Smart-Bus) network

Message format

  sender: "1.2", //ID of Sender Device
  target: "255.255", //ID of Target Device
  code: 50,    //Integer with command operation code
  payload: {},   //Object with decoded data or raw buffer if data can not be parsed automatically
  topic: 'buspro/1.2/255.255/50' // topic contains a brief selection of parameters "buspro/{sender}/{target}/{command code}

Incoming messages can be filtered:

  • All messages
  • Broadcast only
  • FROM specific device
  • TO specific device

You can also use the filter by integer command code.


Send commands to BusPro (Smart-Bus) network

Message for send to bus

  target: "1.52", //Target device address
  code: 49,    //Integer with command operation code
  sender: "1.99", // (Optional) Source device address. A message will be sent from this device address. If the sender is not presented, it will be sent from the controller address
  payload: { //Object with data or raw buffer 
          channel: 2,
          level: 100

Node Info

Version: 1.3.0
Updated 3 months, 2 weeks ago
License: MIT


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  • buspro-controller
  • buspro-in
  • buspro-out


  • node-red
  • hdl
  • buspro
  • smart-bus


  • efa2000