node-red-contrib-browser-utils 0.0.10

A collection of Node-RED nodes for browser interaction

npm install node-red-contrib-browser-utils

Node-RED nodes for browser functionality such as file upload, camera & microphone.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install:

npm install node-red-contrib-browser-utils



The browser takes a picture with the default camera when the button next to the node is clicked. The node outputs it as a PNG buffer.

The camera node has a 2000ms delay to prevent slow camera driver startup causing an issue in some browsers.


The browser starts recording after the button next to the node is clicked and stops it when the button is clicked again. The node outputs it as a WAV buffer.

File upload

The node accepts a file to be uploaded and outputs it as a buffer.


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Copyright 2014, 2016, 2019 IBM Corp. under the Apache 2.0 license.

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