node-red-contrib-brewfather 2.0.1

A set of node-red nodes to simplify integration with the Brewfather API

npm install node-red-contrib-brewfather

A set of node-red nodes to simplify integration with the Brewfather API

node-red-contrib-brewfather CI

Getting started


To install the current live version, please use Node-RED's Palette Manager or issue following commands:

$ cd ~/.node-red  
$ npm install node-red-contrib-brewfather

brewfahter-api-request node

Simple flow

Once installed, import included example or follow below steps.

Add a simple flow consisting of a trigger, a brewfather and a debug node all connected in order.
Make sure that the trigger node injects on startup to trigger the Brewfahter node.
Double click the brewfahter node to open it's settings.

  1. Give the node a meaningful name like Get Batches
  2. Enter User ID and API-Key obtained from the Brewfather app. (Click here to read how to)
  3. Select the action you would like to do. Select Get Batches
  4. Select the batch status must have to be returned, e.g. Planning (Make sure you have some batches in Planning status)
  5. Check the Complete checkbox to return all available data for the batch
  6. Leave all other fields as is and click done
  7. Deploy your changes and inspect the Debug messages
  8. You should now see a msg.payload containing a list of objects containing Brewfather batch data


Setting Description
Name What ever you name the node
Credentials The user id and api key obtained from the Brewfather app
Action Select what data you would like to get or modify
Status Related to get batches and update batch. Filter or update status
Complete Gets all the data associated with a resource in Brewfahter
Included fields A list of json paths to include in the response e.g. recipe.notes
Start after The _id of the last item in prev request. Handy for paging. Can be specified in msg.start_after
Limit Amount of documents to fetch. Defaults to 10. Max 50
Id Related to get single resouce. Select from where to get the Id
Existing Related to inventory operations. Only return inventory that have amount > 0
Adjust Related to inventory update operations. Adjust the inventory by +/- amount
Amount Related to inventory update operations. Sets the inventory to entered amount


  1. Fork this repo
  2. Write a red unit test for your change
  3. Implement the code and make the test green
  4. Refactor your code to make it nice
  5. Make a pull request

I will probably approve it ;)

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Version: 2.0.1
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License: MIT
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