node-red-contrib-blue-bank 0.0.4

A node exposing the Blue Bank #BankOfApis

npm install node-red-contrib-blue-bank

Exposes the Blue Bank #BankOfApis

See the Blue Bank Developer Portal for more information.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install:

npm install node-red-contrib-blue-bank



All methods require:

Get Account /accounts/{id} - GET

This returns a full Account object for the given id.

Extra Requirements:

  • Account ID

Update Account /accounts/{id} - PATCH

By design, only the accountFriendlyName property can be updated by API. Other fields are reserved by the Bank and any attempts to change to them will be ignored.

Expects the property on msg.payload.accountFriendlyName.

Get Accounts /customers/{id}/accounts - GET

Use this call to enumerate the list of accounts for the specified user.

Extra Requirements:

  • Customer ID

Get Transactions /accounts/{id}/transactions - GET

Returns a set of Transaction objects for the specified account.

Extra Requirements:

  • Account ID

Get Customer /customers/{id} - GET

Use this call to return a specific Customer object, if you know the id.

Extra Requirements:

  • Customer ID

Update Customer /customers/{id} - PATCH

Use this call to update a specific Customer object, if you know the id. At present, the only property which it is possible to update is mobilePhone.

Expects the property on msg.payload.mobilePhone.

Note: In a future release, this feature will be available in a customer portal and this PATCH operation will be removed from the public API.

Get Customers /customers - GET

This call will return a collection of Customer objects which the currently authenticated user is allowed to see.

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