node-red-contrib-bigssh 1.2.4


npm install node-red-contrib-bigssh


npm install node-red-contrib-bigssh

Principles for Big Nodes

###1 can handle big data or block mode

That means, in block mode, not only "one message is a whole file" and able to manage start/end control messages

###2 send start/end messages as well as statuses

That means it uses a second output to give control states (start/end/running and error) control messages

###3 tell visually what they are doing

Visual status on the node tells it's ready/running (blue), all is ok and done (green) or in error (red)


Big SSH is an input node for node-red to execute command


byline simple line-by-line stream reader

biglib library for building node-red flows that supports blocks, high volume

Example flow files

Try pasting in the flow file below that shows the node behaviour


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