node-red-contrib-azure-sql 0.1.1

Connector to Azure SQL Database on Node-Red

npm install node-red-contrib-azure-sql

Node-RED nodes to talk to Azure SQL Database.

Some code of Azure is under MIT License.


Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

    npm install node-red-contrib-azure-sql


Azure node. Can be used to work with Azure SQL Database

  • Supports :
    • Select (query) into Azure SQL
    • Insert (query) into Azure SQL

How to use:

You must create the database in Azure first to use Azure SQL node in Node-RED. You will use:

  • Server address
  • Database name
  • Login
  • Password

Use msg.payload to query data into Database.

Read Query

Input Object:

Ex: msg.payload -> {"action": "Q", "query" : "SELECT * FROM table WHERE firstName = 'John'"};

Response Object:

A JSON object will be returned for each row of output in this format:

  Name: "John",
  LastName: "Doe",
  Age: 29

Write Query

Input Object:

Ex: msg.payload -> { "action": "I", "query": "insert into table (Name, LastName, Age) VALUES ('Jane', 'Doe', '25')" };

Response Object:

A String output will be returned for each insert query in this format:

"Insert Complete. ID of inserted item is 1017"

Read more about Azure SQL Database on Azure SQL Database.

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