node-red-contrib-azure-eventhub-receive 0.0.6

A simple node that receives messages from an Azure Event Hub.

npm install node-red-contrib-azure-eventhub-receive

node-red-contrib-azure-event-hub-receive is a Node-RED node that allows you to receive messages from an Azure Event Hub.


npm install -g node-red-contrib-azure-eventhub-receive


We assume you have an Event Hub up and running in your Azure subscription. If you don't have an Event Hub yet, check the article Create an event hub to learn how to create an Event Hub.

Drop the node-red-contrib-azure-event-hub-receive node on a Flow. Double click on the node to open the settings and configure:

  • Event Hub Connection String: the connection string of the event hug, it can be retrieved from the Azure Portal. It should look like Endpoint=sb://;SharedAccessKeyName=XXX;SharedAccessKey=XXX;EntityPath=XXX
  • Event Hub Consumer Group: the name of the Consumer Group you would like to use. If you didn't create any custom Consumer Groups in your Event Hub, you can use the default name which is $default

Connect the ouput of the node to another node, for example the built-in debug node.

Deploy the flow, if the connection to the Event Hub is succesful, you'll see a green icon beneath the it's shape with the connected label.

When messages are sent to your Event Hub, you'll see the message bodies in the debug section of Node-RED (top right).

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Version: 0.0.6
Updated 1 year ago
License: MIT


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