node-red-contrib-aws-sqs 0.0.3

node-red nodes to send and receive using Amazon SQS

npm install node-red-contrib-aws-sqs

A pair of Node-RED nodes to send messages to and receive messages from an aws SQS queue.

Messages can be either javascript objects or strings. Objects are encoded as JSON before being sent. On reception of a message, the input node checks for JSON encoding and, if so, decodes the JSON string into a javascript object before forwarding.


credentials: Should be available in a credentials file - ~/.aws/credentials on Mac/Linux or C:\Users\\credentials on Windows

settings.js: contains the following

awsRegion: optional region setting default value 'eu-west-1'


Kieran Dolan (@kierandol)

Copyright 2014, 2016 IBM Corp. under the Apache 2.0 license.

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Version: 0.0.3
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License: Apache-2.0


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