node-red-contrib-aws-cloudsearch 1.1.0

node for aws cloudsearch

npm install node-red-contrib-aws-cloudsearch

Check it out! Now you can access your AWS Cloudsearch data with Node-RED! This allows you to fetch AWS Cloudsearch data using node-red nodes.

Installing node-red-contrib-aws-cloudsearch

cd ~/.node-red  #or wherever node-red is installed
npm i node-red-contrib-aws-cloudsearch


The params passed to searchdomain are picked from the msg payload. There are 2 options to pass the params

  1. Add a key 'params' to msg object and pass along all the parameters.
     msg.params = {
         query : "(and gender:'Men')",
         queryParser: "structured",
         size : 10
  2. Add individual parameters directly to msg object.
       msg.query = "(and gender:'Men')";
       msg.query = "structured";
       msg.size  = 10;

Refer CloudSearchDomain SDK for supported params


Only search is supported now. Suggest and Upload documents needs to be added.

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