node-red-contrib-alexa-local 0.3.24

No extra Alexa Skills required. Works directly with Alexa in local network.

npm install node-red-contrib-alexa-local

Usage screenshot

This is a dead-simple node for adding Alexa capability to your NodeRED flow.

NO Alexa Skills required.

NO account linking required.

NO complicated parameters, it just works.

Developed by the super cool folks at Originally US - a mobile app development company from Singapore


Install directly from your NodeRED's Setting Pallete


Change your working directory to your node red installation. Usually it's in ~/.node-red.

$ npm install node-red-contrib-alexa-local

How to use

  • Add this node to your flow
  • Give it a unique Device Name
  • Ask "Alexa, discover devices"
  • That's it!

Usage screenshot

Known issues

  • Doesn't support Echo Gen 2 & Echo Plus local devices discovery yet
  • Echo Show, Echo Spot, Sonos One do not have the capability to discovery devices locally


Does it support German or other languages? Yes! As long as Alexa supports that language.

Does it support door lock/curtain/AV/TV or other types of devices? Unfortunately no. In order to keep this node so simple to use, it was designed to emulate a Philips Hue bridge & device within local network. Amazon Echo is hardcoded to support only on/off/dimming command via this route. Any other type of support has to go through the Alexa Skills route (cloud-based). There is another node does just that node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill

Example dimming commands

  •  Alexa, set Kitchen Light to 40%
  •  Alexa, set Aircon temperature to 30
  •  Alexa, increase Kitchen Light
  •  Alexa, lower Kitchen Light by 15%

Do I need to enable any Alexa Skils? No. Nah. Non. Nein. Never.

Is this free forever? Yes. We won't charge you anything. If you wants to help us out, buy us some coffee or RedBull.

I have some suggestions, how do I get in touch? Please create an issue in Github

How do I control my (non-smart) devices at home with NodeRED? Check out RMPlugin app developed by us. Here's an intro video for the hardware.


  • Alexa isolation
  • Support Echo Gen 2 & Echo Plus discovery

Node Info

Version: 0.3.24
Updated 6 years, 4 months ago
License: MIT
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