node-red-contrib-alasql 0.2.3-develop

Node-RED wrapper for AlaSQL database and XLSX import/export

npm install node-red-contrib-alasql

(c) 2016 Mathias Rangel Wulff & Andrey Gershun


This package consists of two components for Node-RED wrapping AlaSQL for fast SQL based in-memory data processing for BI and ERP applications and import-export files into XLSX, XLS, and other data formats.

Especially useful when you have (many) different sources coming with data you want to join, filter and format.


Go to your Node-RED user directory and install node-red-contrib-alasql from npm:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-alasql

How to use an AlaSQL node

  1. Write a valid SQL query in the SQL query parameter. It can hold several SQL queries separated by ;.

  2. Refer to input data in msg.payload with $0 in your SQL. If msg.payload is an array the first value will be $0, the second $1 and so forth.

  3. The result will be returned in msg.payload

Returned values

Default return format is an array of objects:

[{name:'foo', age: 86}, {name:'bar', age:64}]

To manipulate output format please consult the use of VALUE OF, MATRIX OF, COLUMN OF, ROW OF, and RECORDSET OF.

If several queries are executed (seperated by ;) the returned value will be an array with the result from each.

So - what can I do?

Execute SQL on your data and output the result.

This includes INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, VIEW indexes and multiple levels of JOIN, GROUP BY, UNION, ROLLUP(), CUBE(), GROUPING SETS(), CROSS APPLY, OUTER APPLY, WITH SELECT, and subqueries. See the wiki to compare supported features with SQL standards.

Please consult the AlaSQL wiki to undertand the flexible nature of the library.

AlaFile - Import and Export files

You also can use ala-file component to perform import and export operations with files. The parameters include:

  • Name - the name of the node
  • File name - path to import or export file
  • Format - select file format
  • Colums - specify * (star) for all columns or list them with comma like one, two, three. You also can use AlaSQL functions or even rename columns with AS operator (see the AlaSQL SELECT statement documentation)
  • Headers - include first line headers

Please note

As default the library works in-memory - so all unsaved data are reset when Node-RED closes. Please consult the wiki to read more about how to let data be persistent.

If you are not sure why this is funny - please find out more about "SQL injections"...


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