node-red-contrib-advance-logger 1.0.2

Advance logger for Node-Red

npm install node-red-contrib-advance-logger

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A Node-RED Logging node.

Advance Logger is providing multi transport logging capability (file, console and debug) for Node-Red.

Advance Logger depend on the file logging library called Winston.

Goal of Advance Logger is to be a simple logger for Node-Red.


Install node-red-contrib-advance-logger using npm

npm install --save node-red-contrib-advance-logger


  • Multiple transports (File, Console and Debug)
  • Log archiving.
  • Log rotating.
  • Logging levels.


To use the node, launch Node-RED (see running Node-RED for help getting started).

The input payload should be JSON.

Any attribute in the payload JSON can be use as the info type logging.

The input payload JSON should have following properties for warning and error logging.

  • warn – warning logging
  • error – error logging

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