node-red-bluemix-nodes 1.1.11

A collection of extra Node-RED nodes for IBM Bluemix.

npm install node-red-bluemix-nodes

A collection of nodes to be used with Node-RED in IBM Bluemix.


The current release contains the following nodes:

  • TCP
    • Provides TCP input and output clients
    • Connects to remote TCP port and replies to messages from an input client
  • UDP
    • Sends a message to the designated UDP host and port
  • MQ Light
    • Provides MQ Light receive and send clients
    • Publishes and subscribes to chosen topics
  • MongoDB
    • Perform save, insert, update or remove operations
    • Perform find, count and aggregate operations
  • Twilio
    • Sends an SMS message using the Twilio service
  • Weather
    • Access historical and real-time weather data from The Weather Company
  • Business Rules
    • Spend less time recoding and testing when the business policy changes by keeping business logic separate from application logic.
    • Simplify the integration of a Business Rules execution calls : just select one of the available Rulesets for the selected Business Rules instance.
    • Use JSON or XML payload in input/output.
    • New : add a one click Test feature for a given Decision Service (trace mode available) that help in the discovery, the test and the integration of Decision Services deployed in your Business Rules instance
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Accesses the Predictive Analytics service on Bluemix - This in turn can import and run scoring models built using IBM's SPSS Modeller.

Prior to version 1.0.1, this module also included nodes for the IBM Watson and Alchemy services. They have now been moved to node-red-node-watson.


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Copyright 2014, 2016 IBM Corp. under the Apache 2.0 license.

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