node-red-StefanoTest 0.1.5

Set of nodes to manipulate IBM Connections APIs

npm install node-red-StefanoTest

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This package contains a set of nodes to interact with IBM Connections.

List of nodes

This package will add 6 new nodes into your node-red palette :

  • The profile OUT node
  • The embedded experience node
  • The GetProfiles node
  • The GetActivities node
  • The Udate Activity node
  • The CreateActivity node

The profile OUT node

This node let you write something on your wall or someonelse's wall.

The embedded experience node

This node let you push an event and its embedded experience into the activity stream of yourself or of someone else.

The GetProfiles node

This node let you retrieve the profile information for one or more profiles based on tags or on ID

The GetActivities node

This node let you retrieve the information for one or more Activities based on tags or on ID

The UpdateActivity node

This node let you add a Section, a Bookmark or a ToDO to an existing Activity

The CreateActivity node

This node let you create a new Activity (you can specifiy if the Activity is based on a Template and if it needs to be created inside a Community)

Server configuration node

Both nodes above require a configuration node in order to work. Simply edit the node to access this configuration node. If you use both nodes, the same configuration node can be reused to share credentials across nodes.

Supported environments

These nodes are intended for On-prem instances of IBM Connections >= 4.0 and also for IBM Connections Cloud

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