formio-red 0.2.0 Node Red Integration

npm install formio-red

This provides a few nodes which makes working with the platform within Node Red much easier.


You must first install Node Red and have it running locally to use this. Go to to learn more.

Once you have this running, change directory to your .node-red folder, and then type the following.

cd ~/.node-red
npm install formio-red

You will now have two nodes to pick from.

  • formio save (storage): This will save a new form submission.
  • formio get (storage): This will retrieve a list of submissions based on a query provided in msg.query.
  • formio in (input): This will receive a form webhook to use forms as input.

Important Note: When using the input node, you must provide the following Authentication settings in your Webhook Action settings. These should be configured as follows.

  • Authorize User: admin
  • Authorize Password: [YOUR PROJECT API KEY]


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