bigml-nodered 1.1.16

BigML bindings for Nodered

npm install bigml-nodered

Powering the Internet of Things with BigML.

The BigML-Nodered bindings provide a set of Node-RED nodes that interact with BigML and allow you to create Machine Learning workflows that you can deploy to Nodered and integrate with other Nodered modules. The bigml-nodered-core package is used by bigml-nodered.

BigML makes machine learning easy by taking care of the details required to add data-driven decisions and predictive power to your company. Unlike other machine learning services, BigML creates beautiful predictive models that can be easily understood and interacted with.


To make bigml-nodered available to your Node-RED install, just run the following command:

cd $HOME/.node-red
npm install bigml-nodered

A great place to start are our tutorials.

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Version: 1.1.16
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