@torpadev/orpa-node-ftp 0.2.1

FTP Read/Write nodes for OPAL

npm install @torpadev/orpa-node-ftp

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This module is part of the OPAL framework


  • ftp service

    FTP Service

    Connects to a ftp server and helps to read or write the specified file.


  • Name: A Name for this instance
  • Host: Specify the port number of FTP server
  • Port: Specify the port number of FTP server
  • Filename: Specify the filename to be transferred
  • Mode: Specify the type of operation. READ / WRITE a file
  • Location: Specify the location of the file to be uploaded
  • Remote Location: Specify the remote location of the file on the FTP server
  • Username: Specify the username for connecting to FTP server
  • Password: Specify the password for connecting to FTP server


    msg.error When an error happens contains the error message from the read operation msg.payload contains the data read from spreadsheet

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