@torpadev/orpa-node-control-flow 0.2.1

Set of nodes to aid with control flow constructs in orpa

npm install @torpadev/orpa-node-control-flow

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This module is part of the OPAL framework


  • orpa loops


  • [ ] Provides for-loop, foreach-loop, while-loop functionality. THe loop node provides 2 output ports. The next item output and the done output port. Connect the nodes that are to be in the loop body to the next output port. At the end of the loop connect the last action to the input port of the loop node. Connect the done output port to the nodes that are to be executed after the loops ends.


  • Name: A Name for this instance
  • Type: choose from for-loop, foreach-loopand while-loop
  • for-loop: Takes start, end and step as parameters
    • start: A number that represents the starting value for the loop
    • end: A number that represents the ending value of the loop. This must be greater than the start value
    • step: A number y which the loop counter is incremented for each iteration
  • foreach-loop: Takes a collection to be iterated as input.
    • collection: The collection to be iterated. Expects a JSON array or variable containing a json array.
  • while-loop: Takes start, end and step as parameters
    • property: The value to be used in the comparison for while condition
    • rules: A collection of rules that can be applied to the property. The rules when applied to the property forms the condition for the loop


      msg.error When an error happens contains the error message from the read operation msg.payload contains the data read from spreadsheet

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