@prescient-devices/node-red-contrib-downloadfile 1.0.7

Opens web browser file save dialog and saves the payload received to a file in the local filesystem

npm install @prescient-devices/node-red-contrib-downloadfile

A node to download a message's payload to the browser's local file system


Node-RED editor's palette manager may be used to install the node. Alternatively, the command line may also be used to install the node with the following commands (assuming the user's Node-RED directory is ${HOME}/.node-red):

$ cd "${HOME}"/.node-red
$ npm install --production node-red-contrib-downloadfile


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Running Tests

The development dependencies need to be installed before running the test-bench. This can be accomplished with the following commands (assuming ${HOME}/node-red-contrib-downloadfile is the node's development directory where the node's package.json is):

$ cd "${HOME}"/node-red-contrib-downloadfile
$ npm install

Then to run the tests:

$ cd "${HOME}"/node-red-contrib-downloadfile
$ npm test

Contributing / Fixes

An issue may be raised for typos and single-line fixes. A pull request may be opened in the node's GitHub repository for more complex fixes and/or contributions.

Copyright Prescient Devices, Inc. under the MIT license, which is in the LICENSE file.

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Version: 1.0.7
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