@flowfuse/node-red-dashboard 1.11.1

Dashboard 2.0 - A collection of Node-RED nodes that provide functionality to build your own UI applications (inc. forms, buttons, charts).

npm install @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard

Documentation can be found here: https://dashboard.flowfuse.com


The original Node-RED Dashboard has served us well for many years, providing an intuitive way to create live dashboards for Node-RED flows. However, the original Dashboard is based on Angular v1, which is no longer actively maintained. We identified the need for a secure, updated, and innovative successor.

Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 was re-built from the ground up, learning from the popular features and feedback of Node-RED Dashboard 1.0. It will carry the legacy forward, adapting to future needs while keeping the essence of open-source and community-driven development intact. The project will is licensed under Apache 2.0.


FlowFuse's Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 is available in the Node-RED Palette Manager. To install it:

  • Open the menu in the top-right of Node-RED
  • Click "Manage Palette"
  • Switch to the "Install" tab
  • Search node-red-dashboard
  • Install the @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard package (not node-red-dashboard)

The nodes will then be available in your editor for you to get started.

If you want to use npm to install your nodes, you can instead follow these instructions

Note: this package was previously published under the name @flowforge/node-red-dashboard. That package has now been deprecated and will not receive any further updates.


Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 provides a base set of nodes for building your own user interfaces and data visualisations. Much like it's predecessor, it provides a set of easy-to-use, core nodes, but provides complete flexibility for customisation and control over theming, layout and behaviour if you want to go further.

Easy Integration

The nodes provided integrate seamlessly with any of the existing nodes and flows you have. Whatever you're trying to control or visualise, you can do it with Node-RED and Node-RED Dashboard 2.0.

Data Visualization

Example of data visualisations in Dashboard 2.0

No dashboard is complete without data visualisation. Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 provides a core ui-chart widget to provide a simple, yet powerful way to visualise your data. It supports a wide range of chart types, including line, bar and scatter, with more planned for the near future.

Flexible Customisation

Example of a dashboard using custom templates to render a to-do list

As with Dashboard 1.0, the new Dashboard 2.0, comes with a ui-template node which allows you to define your own custom widgets and styling.

It provides a framework with which you can write raw HTML/JavaScript, define an entire Vue component to render something truly unique and interactive, and override any of the styling of the dashboard using your own custom CSS declarations.

If you're looking to build your own bespoke templates, checkout our useful UI Template Examples collection

Complete Control

ui-event and ui-control both allow rich insight into interactivity with your dashboard, as well as easy to use control over the dashboard itself, allowing you to dynamically hide and disable content, driven by any criteria of your choosing.

Build with Markdown & Mermaid

The new ui-markdown widget allows you to build rich, interactive applications using Markdown and Mermaid Charts. You can use Markdown templates to build your UI, and populate it with your own, dynamic data, and then use Mermaid to display dynamic charts and diagrams.

Project Planning

Community and Contribution

As an open-source project, Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 openly welcomes all forms of contributions, whether those are ideas, bug reports, or code contributions through Pull Requests.

We strongly believe in the power of community. If you have suggestions, feedback, or features you'd like to see, please open a GitHub issue. We also highly encourage open-source contributions.


We are constantly reviewing the priority of our backlog, and have multiple public project management boards where you can keep an eye on what we're working on, and what's coming up next:

  • Activity Tracker: See what's being actively worked on, what's up next, and if there are any "Blocked" items you could help with.
  • Dashboard 1.0 Feature Parity: We haven't quite yet achieved 100% feature parity with the original Node-RED Dashboard, and this board tracks the progress and priority of those features.


Apache License 2.0

Node Info

Version: 1.11.1
Updated 1 week, 5 days ago
License: Apache-2.0
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  • ui-base
  • ui-page
  • ui-link
  • ui-group
  • ui-theme
  • ui-form
  • ui-text-input
  • ui-button
  • ui-button-group
  • ui-dropdown
  • ui-radio-group
  • ui-slider
  • ui-switch
  • ui-text
  • ui-table
  • ui-chart
  • ui-gauge
  • ui-notification
  • ui-markdown
  • ui-template
  • ui-event
  • ui-control


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