@eez-open/node-red-contrib-bb3 0.8.0

Node-RED nodes to talk to EEZ BB3

npm install @eez-open/node-red-contrib-bb3

A Node-RED nodes to work with EEZ BB3.


To install - either use the manage palette option in the editor, or change to your Node-RED user directory.

    cd ~/.node-red
    npm install @eez-open/node-red-contrib-bb3


Supported EEZ BB3 related nodes:

  • bb3-connect: Connects to EEZ BB3 using TCP.
  • bb3-disconnect: Disconnects from EEZ BB3.
  • bb3-command: Executes SCPI command.
  • bb3-query: Execute SCPI query.

Learn about supported SCPI commands and queries from here https://www.envox.hr/eez/eez-bench-box-3/bb3-scpi-reference-manual/bb3-scpi-introduction.html.

Also, there are two nodes for simple event based communication inside Node-RED flows. You can emit events with bb3-emit-event and catch it with bb3-on-event from any node in your project.

Node Info

Version: 0.8.0
Updated 8 months, 3 weeks ago
License: GPL-3.0-only
Rating: 0.0


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  • bb3-connection
  • bb3-command
  • bb3-query
  • bb3-connect
  • bb3-disconnect
  • bb3-on-event
  • bb3-emit-event


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