@clarify/node-red-contrib-clarify 2.2.1

A Node-Red node to insert data into Clarify

npm install @clarify/node-red-contrib-clarify

Node-Red Nodes for adding data to Clarify. Learn more about Clarify at: https://www.clarify.io

Available nodes are:

  • clarify_insert: A node to create signals, update meta-data and insert data into Clarify.
  • clarify_api: A configuration node to establish connection to Clarify.

Clarify insert node in node-red’s sidebar

This node will create a json-database to keep track of the signals and meta data written to Clarify.

This database will be stored in the default userDir. By default, this directory is a directory called .node-red under the user's home directory, but can be overriden in the node-red-settings.js.

If you are moving your node-red instance or creating backups, be sure to include the folder clarify-db/.


You can find an example flow that shows how to use the insert node in examples/random-data-example.json. Please review the Generate Data function. Remember to update the clarify_api configuration node with credentials downloaded from your integration in the Clarify Admin Panel.

Example flow showing clarify insert node in use

Any questions? Send us an email on support@clarify.io

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Version: 2.2.1
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