Node-RED Multiproject

This node-red package extension transform node-red in a mutiproject mode. We can group several flows in a set called project and manage different projects at the same time.

This extension add the project name and a new visual combo list in the header of the node-red editor where we can create a new project, remove or select one. To change the default name of the project double click in the project tittle and fill the name of it.

To install the node-red package extension:

npm install node-red-contrib-multiproject

To manage the relation between the projects and the flows, we add a new invisible node with a new type called 'project' in the default file of node-red, where we can mantein the name and the flow nodes of it.

And example of this node could be:

[ ...
    "id" : "577e736dccf2bb09e469c910", 
    "flows":["6bf4a987.6cf088", "5c94cd6b.bd9a44"],     
    "name" : "Mqtt Project" 

captura de pantalla 2016-08-17 a las 11 59 03

Contributors: Miguel Angel Salinas ([email protected]) Company: Thingtrack s.l

{ "id" : "577e736dccf2bb09e469c910", "type":"project", "flows":[], "name" : "Mqtt Project" }

Flow Info

created 1 year, 11 months ago

Node Types

  • undefined (x4)


  • project
  • multiproject
  • config
Copy this flow JSON to your clipboard and then import into Node-RED using the Import From > Clipboard (Ctrl-I) menu option