Storage multiproject mongodb

Node-RED storage multiproject


npm install node-red-storage-multiproject


En nuestro fichero settings.js:


default mongodbMultiproject:

  • port: 27017
  • host: localhost
  • bd: test
  • user:
  • password:
  • collectionProject: Project

    Nota: collectionProject es para usar una coleccion diferente para project pero al menos tiene que tener el campo/propiedad 'description' ya que sera usado para el nombre del proyecto.


 functionGlobalContext: {
        // os:require('os'),
        // octalbonescript:require('octalbonescript'),
        // jfive:require("johnny-five"),
        // j5board:require("johnny-five").Board({repl:false})

    // The following property can be used to order the categories in the editor
    // palette. If a node's category is not in the list, the category will get
    // added to the end of the palette.
    // If not set, the following default order is used:
    //paletteCategories: ['subflows', 'input', 'output', 'function', 'social', 'mobile', 'storage', 'analysis', 'advanced'],

    // Configure the logging output
    logging: {
        // Only console logging is currently supported
        console: {
            // Level of logging to be recorded. Options are:
            // fatal - only those errors which make the application unusable should be recorded
            // error - record errors which are deemed fatal for a particular request + fatal errors
            // warn - record problems which are non fatal + errors + fatal errors
            // info - record information about the general running of the application + warn + error + fatal errors
            // debug - record information which is more verbose than info + info + warn + error + fatal errors
            // trace - record very detailed logging + debug + info + warn + error + fatal errors
            level: "info",
            // Whether or not to include metric events in the log output
            metrics: false,
            // Whether or not to include audit events in the log output
            audit: false

Este modulo para node-red se integra con node-red-contrib-multiproject y sirve para grabar los flows y projectos a mongodb.

En el se crearan las coleccions:

  • Flows
  • Settings(nodes, contrib)

No esta integrado(a futuro) por lo que se grabaran en fichero en disco:

  • Credentials
  • Sessions
  • Library

Contributors: Miguel Angel Salinas([email protected]) Company: Thingtrack s.l


Flow Info

created 1 year, 9 months ago

Node Types


  • storage
  • mongodb
  • multiproject
  • project
Copy this flow JSON to your clipboard and then import into Node-RED using the Import From > Clipboard (Ctrl-I) menu option