Use service to log phone calls in Cloudant and send out SMS via Twilio

This flow uses the service of German phone company Sipgate to get notified about incoming calls. The from/to (who is calling which number) information is logged in a Cloudant database and a SMS is sent out using the Twilio service.

All was created on the IBM Bluemix service with a free trial account.

More information in this blog entry:

[{"id":"22443f17.51e9c","type":"twilio-api","sid":"yourSID","from":"+1...","name":"yourName"},{"id":"6c4ca932.9808c8","type":"http in","name":"phone","url":"/phoneSQ","method":"post","x":78,"y":105,"z":"80bb3f00.018e5","wires":[["cca6d68c.4aac3","878475e0.5947b8"]]},{"id":"cca6d68c.4aac3","type":"http response","name":"ok","x":227,"y":199,"z":"80bb3f00.018e5","wires":[]},{"id":"ad3ed6be.2f6eb8","type":"cloudant out","service":"yourCloudantServiceOnBluemix","cloudant":"","name":"calls","database":"calls","payonly":true,"operation":"insert","x":597,"y":150,"z":"80bb3f00.018e5","wires":[]},{"id":"878475e0.5947b8","type":"json","name":"","x":324,"y":121,"z":"80bb3f00.018e5","wires":[["ad3ed6be.2f6eb8","f260081e.ee3db"]]},{"id":"f260081e.ee3db","type":"twilio out","service":"Twilio-qw","twilio":"22443f17.51e9c","from":"+1...","number":"+49...","name":"yourName","x":437,"y":219,"z":"80bb3f00.018e5","wires":[]}]

Flow Info

Created 10 years, 2 months ago
Updated 9 years, 2 months ago
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Node Types

  • http in (x1)
  • http response (x1)
  • json (x1)
  • cloudant out (x1)
  • twilio out (x1)
  • twilio-api (x1)


  • phone
  • json
  • cloudant
  • couchDB
  • twilio
  • http
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