Fuzzy shell for developing a custom EEG BCI

Fuzzy Shell for developing a custom EEG BCI (BCIFS) is a Collection of five flows how to design a BCI fuzzy shell for developing either passive or event-related BCI, which can be used for control, monitoring or research. This collection requires EmotivBCI Node-RED Toolbox. If you have used BCIFS in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper: A. Lekova, I. Chavdarov, “A fuzzy shell for developing an interpretable BCI based on the spatiotemporal dynamics of the evoked oscillations,” Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2021, Article ID 6685672, 21 pages, 2021, DOI:https://doi.org/10.1155/2021/6685672

Requirements: 1. All flows require EmotivBCI Node-RED Toolbox. If you are not already installed - go to your command prompt and run: $ npm install node-red-contrib-emotiv-emotiv-bci 2. Then install and use the following flows:

       Data registered by EPOC
       Baseline for the Occipital/Parietal areas
       DT-based optimization by GA
       TSK Fuzzy rules and inference
       EEG front-end graphical user interface
  1. The last four flows need to run together with the first flow in the Collection, therefore virtual wires between flows are used. The first flow has two nodes of type – “link out”, while the rest flows use nodes of type – “link in”. Thus they access the Emotiv EPOC+ data in two different time windows, either 250 msec or 300 msec.

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