Adding a node

    Node-RED nodes are packaged as modules and published to the public npm repository.

    The Flow Library regularly checks the npm repository for new modules that have been published and automatically adds them to the library.

    To add a node to the library, follow these steps:

    Create your node and package it as an npm module.

    Your module must have

    • a name that follows the project's naming guidelines,
    • a file that describes what your node does and how to use it,
    • a package.json file with:
      • a node-red section listing the node files,
      • and "node-red" in its list of keywords. This is what the Flow Library uses to search the npm repository - without this, it will not find your node.
    Publish your module to the public npm repository.

    The Flow Library checks the npm repository once every hour for any new modules, or updates to existing modules, with the "node-red" keyword.

    Be patient

    The Flow Library relies on the npm search index to find nodes. Sometimes the search index can take a little while to update. You can check for yourself by searching for your node on

    If your node does appear in the npm search results, but the Flow Library has not added it after a couple of hours, you can ask for help on the Node-RED forum or slack.