node-red-contrib-socketio 1.0.4

Implementation for Node-RED of a SocketIO Sever

npm install node-red-contrib-socketio

Implementation for Node-RED of the popular Socket.IO.

##Installation To install node-red-contrib-socketio use this command

npm i node-red-contrib-socketio

##Composition The Socket.IO implementation is made with

  • 1 configuration Node that hold the server definitions ad the user can decide if bind SocketIO server on Node-RED port or bind it to anotherport
  • 1 input node where the user add all the possible topic sent from the client javascript code
  • 1 outpu node tath send data received into payload to the client browser

##Usage To see an example usage go to Example Chat App

##License MIT

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Version: 1.0.4
Updated 6 days ago
License: MIT


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  • socketio-config
  • socketio-in
  • socketio-out


  • node-red


  • wperw