node-red-contrib-flowman 0.0.3

manipulates flows in node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-flowman

Node-red nodes for manipulating flows using the RED nodejs API


  • addflow - adds a flow found in msg.payload (either a json or a javascript structure).
  • delflow - delete a flowid or the current flow.
  • saveflow - save a flowid or the current flow or all flows, extracting content of 'function' nodes into files
  • getflows - retrieve a list of the current flows, returning an array of {id,label}

Note: 0.16.2 with it's new 'difference' detection does not play nice with addflow/delflow from a UI perspective. Updates in 0.17 resolves this with the ability to delpoy regardless of server changes. Note: as this uses private apis in RED, there's no guarantee of continued correct operation as NR get's enhanced.

License: MIT

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Version: 0.0.3
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License: MIT


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  • delflow
  • addflow
  • saveflow
  • getflows


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